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Inauguration of a new Tracht
We recently had the pleasure of inaugerating a new Tracht. Up  to that point our newest 1st yodeler, Renata (Left) had been wearing her native “Ober-Engadiner Tracht” at all choir performances.
Renata grew up in the Ober-Engadin, in the Canton of Graubünden, and proudly wears her “Ober-Engadiner Tracht” (view on: at traditional Swiss events.
As two of her fellow 1st yodelers were already wearing the Urner Tracht (Canton Uri) Renata gave the go-ahead to the choir to have a new Tracht made in Switzerland and to wear it when performing with the Yodel Club Heimattreu.
We know that this was not an easy decision for Renata but she and her fellow 1st yodelers look great in their Tracht.

Congratulations Renata!

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