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Yodel Club Heimattreu participates at the
Eidg. Jodlerfest Davos 2014
At the recent Annual General Meeting of the Yodel Club Heimattreu the members voted to again participate at a Eidg. Jodlerfest. The festival will take place in Davos, best known for hosting the yearly World Economic Summit. In 2014 however the town will be the centre of the Yodelling world with choirs and individual performers competing for top honors and enjoying the cameradery of just being together to sing. Are you interested to know more about the event? Just click on the logo below.
The new CD has been available for sale now for several months and we are very happy that so many of you have purchased it. For the ones that have hesitated, now is the moment to finally do it. Click on the above link and follow the online instructions. The price is reasonable and buying is easy as you can use most major credit cards. We ship all over the world within days of receiving your order.
We are happy to support the Wildrose Yodel Club by announcing the details of their Spring Concert on May 3 2014 at the Rimbey Community Center. For further details view their poster here
Click on the poster to download your own copy