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Performances & Events
(see poster)
Saturday, February 24 7:00pm
Come and enjoy the casual buffet style social event
with an open mike promising some artistic surprises
Austrian Canadian Club, 3112 11 St NE, Calgary
Tickets $45
call (403) 835-1369‬

Mark your calendar!
Sunday, May 27 2:30pm
Spring concert
McDougall United Church
8516 Athabasca St SE Calgary

T he Choir
Above you see our group in a picture shot at the Eid. Jodlerfest in Brig 2017. But come hear our members introduce themselves! You might be surprised to hear how many different Swiss dialects we speak in our choir. Learning a traditional yodel song from Kt. Bern is therefore not always easy for members from other parts of Switzerland. 
You may also not know that we have a vibrant Alphorn group which have participated successfully on many of the Eidg. Jodelfest's. We are fortunate to have the well-known William Hopson as a member and leader of the group.
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Artistic leadership  
Without our dedicated Directors we would never have made it! 
You might be interested to find out who helped the choir to become and stay proficient. Not an easy task so far away from Switzerland. But dedication and the love of music provided the necessary motivation to dig deep into the heart of Swiss Yodel songs, the yodel from Bern or Appenzell. Worlds apart and still the same! 
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Hans Bossert, our current president, follows a long line of dedicated and energetic Presidents. Thanks to their persistence to be true to Swiss traditions, in dress and in song, made us who we are today.

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In 2016 the Yodel Club Heimattreu celebrated its 40th anniversary. Why not take some time to read our history? Who were the individuals that formed the choir in 1976? Probably young Swiss immigrants that had the bold idea to practice and perform traditional Swiss Yodel songs. We can only guess that their motivators were homesickness and the love of singing and being together.
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