JKH Photo Gallery
2016 40 Anniversary Gala concert
Up one level
Our MC Stephanie
Weidmann - Weidmann
Swiss Cons. Gen. U
Dancer are having fun
De Schruendler
Daniela is ready
Dancers in full action
Fully concentrated
Our friends from Wildrose
Happy tunes
The Bella Concert Hall
Mass choir
Kurt and Fritz
Edmonton Swiss Men's Choir
Yodel Club Heimattreu
Singing with heart
Focus, focus
More of our singers
Makes you want to join them
Wildrose Yodel Club
Here the whole band
Hans, Ruedi and Albert
Its nice to get into it
The band goes wild
Fritz Wagner
ESMC in fine form
More of the ESMC
Talerschwingen takes concentration
The Yodel Club Heimattreu
Honouring our past Directors, Marlis Ruethemann
Jim Cummings
Anne Stollbert
Andrew Bolen
Current Director Marian Hamilton
Thank you for contributing so much to the succes of our club
It looks so easy
Our yodelling ladies
in perfect step
Thank you Marian!
A spectator in her traditional dress
Cutting the Birthday cake
Our excited audience